Foodmax Supermarket was originally established in 1957 as an A&P Supermarket. On November 7th, 1988, Palace Supermarket opened for business with a simple Philosophy. “You’ve got to give the customers the merchandise they want, at a price they can afford, complete with the best service possible”. This simple philosophy guided us when we opened our first small neighborhood market on the east side of Detroit in 1981. In 1991, we opened our second location, Foodmax Supermarket with the same philosophy.

Over the years, our store has been enhanced to include larger departments and provide the broadest selection of quality products. On May 10th, 2004 we closed the store down for 71 days with one thing in mind, which was to reopen being double the size and to have all State-of-the-Art equipment. Not only to conserve energy, but to deliver the freshest refrigerated merchandise with a large power generator on side to ensure quality at Palace Supermarket.

We grew from a 10,000 square feet store in 1988 to just over 21,000 sq. ft. in 2004. It’s been a long, dynamic journey. We are proud to have built our reputation on always delivering quality products and great service, and constantly striving to find new ways to improve our quality. It’s a tradition that we intend on continuing far into the future.